May our words have meaning.

“My word is my bond.”

“Ya, junk bond.”

Quick, name that movie.

I remember hearing the word bond, in that context, the first time I saw the movie Hook. It was the scene where Jack a.k.a. Peter Pan a.k.a. Robin Williams and his family were on their cross Atlantic flight to England, to honor Granny Wendy, a.k.a. Wendy a.k.a. Violet Crawley a.k.a. Maggie Smith.

During the flight Jack is trying to fix his relationship with his son, by making more promises. You know, the ones that people who habitually break promises always make. Then the scene called for the next 2 lines with a word I wouldn’t learn the meaning of for another couple of years.

Jack: “My word is my bond.”

Jackie (Jack’s son): “Ya, junk bond.”

So how junkie are our bonds?

I have some real junkie ones. Like ones a trash man wouldn’t even consider junk. They would be so junkie that Webster would have to come up with a new word for it. Which would be impossible, because Webster is dead.

Maybe our bonds are such junk because society says it’s okay? I mean if Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) can go back on what he said, why can’t I?

My goal, for less junk bonds is to make less bonds. If I don’t have a lot on plate, it’s easier to give attention to the important things like my wife, my kids, my friendships…

Just Be Honest With Me

With having an almost 2-year-old and an almost 4-year-old in my house, lessons in honesty are always in session.

But why do we grow up and forget how to be honest? Or does it become harder? Is lying easier?

I am the last to stand up on a pedestal and claim to have been perfectly honest in my soon to be 30 years of existence. But I have matured a bit from when it came natural to lie, as a kid.

tell the truth Michael Kuhn via Compfight

My biggest pet peeve and the thing I struggle with not retaliating about, is when someone lies to me and I find out.

I’ve started doing some web design, while interviewing… for a new job. I thought a good way to get business was to go door to door. Or the now a day version, inbox to inbox/facebook message to facebook message/tweet to tweet.

I’ve received a lot of “Not right now” or, “I’ll keep that in mind” or my favorite, “_________________.” I can deal with all of those. I don’t blame you for not choosing to go in my favor. Honestly. What I can’t stand are the liars. The ones that give me the above reasons and then I stumble upon their website, a few days later.

You won’t hurt my feelings if you have someone else working for you. Honestly. The reason I approached you about redesigning your website is because it sucked and I wanted to help you.

Just be honest with me, because I am for sure that I will be honest with you.

16 Amazing Photos From NASA’s Golden Age

I grew up just 30 minutes from Cape Canaveral, before moving to Jacksonville. I never knew how lucky I was to have grown up in and around such marveling feats of science, until I moved away and heard other people be so interested in something I took for granted.

These photos originally appeared in this article, on

If you have a Netflix account, I suggest watching the Discovery Channel’s “When We Left Earth”.

What awesome thing happened where you grew up? Click here to leave a comment.